City of Trussville Revitalizing Downtown District

Over the last several years, the City of Trussville has been planning for a major redevelopment of its downtown area. TurnerBatson has partnered with the Trussville Downtown Redevelopment Authority to begin the initial phases of this process, which will invigorate the historic downtown area to be an attractive, walkable, thriving retail district. The City of Trussville envisions a new and improved downtown area that will be both an economic engine and a desirable location for community events and social gatherings.

The redevelopment process will rely heavily on involvement from city officials and focus on bringing together the right mix of retail tenants, providing safe parking and walking for residents, organizing new community attractions, and creating a balance of residential, civic, and cultural uses for the downtown area.

City of Trussville Downtown Quad One

The first phase of the downtown redevelopment centers on an area known as “Quad One,” which sits at the intersection of U.S. Highway 11 and Chalkville Mountain Road (pictured above). The City of Trussville has acquired many of the properties within and around this quadrant, and several more will undergo exterior “face lifts” to revitalize retail in the area and invite more people downtown. Along with these improved storefront facades, sidewalks will be reconfigured to create a better overall shopping experience for Trussville residents.

The "before and after" images below show some of the existing properties within the area and renderings of the proposed exterior improvements:

Another feature of Quad One will be the development of the Pinchgut Pavilion, which will be situated on the southwest corner of the quad. The pavilion's design will be a tribute to the historic Trussville train station and will serve as an outdoor venue for various events and social gatherings. The proposed pavilion space will feature a small park and adjacent parking.

We're honored to be partnered with the City of Trussville and the Trussville Downtown Redevelopment Authority for this project, and we're excited to contribute to this city's continued growth.

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