An Expression of Thanksgiving

During a season that may have become more about things than relationships, and in a culture that has become more politically and socially divided, we come together once a year at TurnerBatson’s Holiday Lunch to celebrate the people we get to interact with throughout the year. We aim to show our appreciation for them as people rather than solely as our consultants and contractors. This holiday season, it became especially pertinent for us to reflect and remind ourselves what truly ought to bring us together.

To re-emphasize the focus of the season, we prompted our luncheon visitors to add notes to our "Gratitude Wall" identifying people for which they are grateful. The results were touching and sincere, and they have pressed me to be more intentionally grateful in my life.

The major events of this year have at times revealed the emotions that can arise from when people forget about empathy for their fellow human beings. I have felt a particular calling this year to treat others with a basic dignity and respect, which can provide a long lasting impact on others’ lives. While the holiday season can be a stressful time of year, it provides us with an opportunity to treat others with respect, empathy, kindness, and gratitude.

This season, I will consider the relationships in my life with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers. How have these individuals—those who support me, listen to me, encourage me, and care about me—allowed me to accomplish my goals? A practical way I will celebrate Thanksgiving this season will be to share my appreciation directly with those who have helped me grow over the last year.

During my holiday interactions this season, I will treat others with respect. Allow others to express their thoughts and share their heart without interruption. Provide a caring and open attitude. Give thanks to those I interact with, from the store clerk to my parents, from my wife to my coworkers. You never know when the smallest encouraging interaction may have a profound effect on someone’s life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Goswick, AIA

Michael Goswick

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