Let’s Talk Trussville: Downtown Trussville Revitalization

During the “Let’s Talk Trussville” Town Hall Meeting, TURNERBATSON’s President Dave Reese joined Mayor Buddy Choat, Civil Engineer JT Murphy, and city officials to discuss the exciting transformations happening in Downtown Trussville.

The panel presented updated design images for the new "Entertainment District" and provided answers to questions from Trussville residents concerning the planned development.

“From the beginning, traffic, parking, and moving people downtown have been a strong focus,” said Trussville Tribune Publisher Scott Buttram. “This is a constantly evolving plan, but the good news is everything is evolving in the right direction.”

Updated renderings were presented showcasing the expanded downtown area, which includes 12 acres of businesses, restaurants, an event stage, and parking.

Downtown Trussville Revitalization

The first phase of the redevelopment focuses on an area known as “Quad One,” or the “Entertainment District.” With the help of developer Coby Lake and the city, TURNERBATSON has designed the initial renderings for Melt, Common House, Ferus Brewery, and an outdoor stage and pavilion providing an entertainment area for families.

Downtown Trussville Revitalization

Downtown Trussville Revitalization

“It’s been eight years that we’ve been dreaming about this,” said Dave Reese, TURNERBATSON President. "With the mayor’s vision and the council's support, it’s really going to happen!" (View the clip from the Facebook Live event here)

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