Teeing It Up for the Team

Our entire staff recently got an early start to the weekend at Birmingham’s new event venue, Topgolf. We spent the afternoon teeing off from different bays as each team laughed together, encouraged each other, and offered the occasional jab at competing players.

The afternoon allowed team members to take a break from their extremely busy schedules and proved to be a great investment in our most important asset — our People.

Our firm depends on our People. Passion. Purpose. — they make us thrive. The collaborative culture doesn't just happen. We are proactive in regularly organizing team-building events. Cultivating relationships and building mutual respect is critical in providing excellent service and happy, productive employees.


This dynamic speaks directly to our 2018 goals. At the beginning of the year, we discussed different pathways to excellence and laid out goals that allowed us to find our sweet spots and reach our highest potential. Whether it is in the office, through our personal lives, or during a team challenge, these values allow us to excel as individuals and as a team and cultivate 24/7 success.

The Pathway to Excellence:


People of excellence love what they do. They have learned how to fuel the fire that keeps them moving.


“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing that makes you good.” - Malcom Gladwell


Passion and practice bring excellence, but CHARACTER sustains excellence over time.

(From the John Maxwell Company blog –"Excellence: More than Talent")


During the event, team members learned the importance of practice, collaboration, and good character. With scores ranging from 232 to 13, it allowed us to rely on one another for encouragement, cheers, and a few good laughs. We were able to show a new side of ourselves to someone that day. Team members who didn’t expect high scores surprised us all and helped lead their teams to victories. Each challenge and accomplishment helped to make the event a success.

We are definitely better architects than we are golfers, but the afternoon was a refreshing way to relax and enjoy our TURNERBATSON family.


In the end, hand-crafted awards were given to the winning teams and top-scoring team members. The trophies will be a constant reminder of a fun-filled afternoon that allowed us to put our goals into action and tee it up for the team.

Melissa Stewart, Marketing Coordinator

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