My Journey through the AIA Conference on Architecture

This year, TURNERBATSON blessed me with the opportunity to attend the AIA Conference on Architecture in New York City. I was able to join with architects from all over the country in lectures focused on making the world better by design. I had an amazing time and learned about some interesting topics:

Eero Saarinen’s TWA Flight Center: The Rebirth of an Icon

Architects need to design with the future in mind. This icon was set in the jet age and designed for planes that held 150-200 passengers. Unfortunately, it became obsolete due to advancements in technology and was left vacant for more than a decade. TWA will now be accompanied by a hotel, restaurants, conference center, and observation deck:

From Young Female Designers to Firm Leaders: The Boston Experiment

The Girl UNinterrupted Project is an experiment that served three functions. It “offered a manual to young designers on how to jump-start careers, it provided firm leaders with an understanding of young designers' struggles, and it offered suggestions for creating an office culture that is equitable and maximizes talent.”

AIA Conference

AIA Conference

My Main Takeaways:

Saving History: Landmarks Preservation in NYC

Without the tangible remnants of the past, we can’t plan the future. Because of this, designers should approach all projects as if they are in a historic district. TURNERBATSON is currently practicing this approach through the design and redevelopment of a better downtown Trussville.AIA ConferenceAIA ConferenceManaging Uncertainty: New Project Planning Guide for Owners and Architects

The AIA Roundtable has created a “Project Planning Guide” that has tools and data to help identify ways to assist clients in anticipating major uncertainty factors and establishing budgets.

Setting the Stage for Positive Outcomes: 3 Ways to Structure a Sustainability Design Charrette 

AIA Conference

Think differently: instead of trying to make something “less bad,” ask yourself “what does good look like?” One of the best practices for putting together a charrette is to throw open the doors to many individuals (team, users, builders, community).

AIA Conference

For more information on the architects, designers, presenters, and topics, please visit:

Samantha Parr, Intern Architect

AIA Conference

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