The Woodlawn Foundation envisioned "The Woodlawn Effect" as the means to revitalize a blighted community that was once a thriving Birmingham suburb. The Foundation has already made an amazing impact in the area with new housing, business opportunities, improved security, and a strong community spirit.

As part of Woodlawn's educational pipeline, the James Rushton Early Learning Center offers a learning hub for children in a neighborhood faced with economic and social challenges. The center will create a safe, nurturing environment for 100 children ages six weeks to four years old.

In the true spirit of revitalization, the 16,000 square foot design repurposed an existing bank building that had fallen into despair. The salvaged structure allowed for numerous design opportunities such as multi-purpose classrooms, age-specific playgrounds and a full-service kitchen. The classrooms surround a dynamic courtyard playground that offers security and opportunities to hear squeals of delight from the young students. The prominent green “W” at the main entrance reinforces the sense of community that continues to grow in Woodlawn.





Birmingham, AL



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