The new Academic Master Plan for Traders Point Christian High School will include an initial Phase 1 building to contain both traditional and STEAM classes including Mathematics, Science, Core Curriculum, a Da Vinci Studio (STEAM), Social Studies, and Language Arts. There will also be a Commons including a student-run cafe. Classrooms will be provided by creating large, flexible rooms with different types of chair seating, tables, and desks for differentiated instruction. The Phase 1 building will be designed to accommodate up to 250 students.

Ultimately, the overall campus is designed to serve more than 500 students following a multi-phase development of the campus. Through either the construction of multiple buildings or connected additions to the Phase 1 building, there will be a Fine Arts Building including a theater, a black box theater, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) Building, a vocational "Maker" Building, a Health Fitness Building, a Foreign Language (International) Building, and a Gymnasium Facility including basketball/volleyball courts, a fitness center, weight room, and other accessory spaces.

This video shares the story behind this new twenty-first-century facility and showcases several unique features in a virtual walk-through.




Whitestown, IN



Square Footage

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