Woodlawn Foundation envisioned "The Woodlawn Effect" as the means to revitalize a blighted community that was once a thriving Birmingham suburb. The Foundation has already made an amazing impact in the area with new housing, improved security, strong church presence, and a strong community spirit.

As an integral part of Woodlawn's educational pipeline, the Woodlawn Child Development and Community Center will offer a learning hub for children in a neighborhood faced with major economic and social challenges. The CDCC will serve 100 children ages six weeks to four years old and will create a safe, light-filled environment that is also expected to attract children from more stable economic neighborhoods.

This project envisions repurposing an existing blighted branch bank office that was serving as a gathering place for the homeless and a location for drug distribution and abuse. In order to maximize exposure to natural light and create a safe, nurturing environment, a portion of the existing bank structure will be removed to create a center core for a playground accessible from many of the classrooms. The 15,800-square-foot, single-story educational center will include ten classrooms, administrative offices, a faculty lounge, conference room, and kitchen. A future 12,350-square-foot community and recreation center will provide children another option for a safe space to exercise and interact with others.

This one-of-a-kind building, featuring a "kids only" entrance, bright clean colors, and the Woodlawn "W," will transform this once-neglected building into a modern learning facility and contribute toward revitalizing a community for a promising future.




Birmingham, AL


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