Dave Reese

Principal, President


Bachelor of Environmental Design, Architecture, North Carolina State University, 1987

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Tennessee, 1991

Since joining the firm in 1988, Dave has built a reputation for leading projects by combining  his vision for innovative and functional design with practical, budget-focused solutions. Over the years, he has built lasting relationships with clients, general contractors, and contributing professionals. As President, Dave is particularly proud of the experienced, enthusiastic staff at TURNERBATSON and works to develop a culture of encouragement, teamwork, and service excellence.

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Eric Berg

Principal, Vice President


Bachelor of Science, Architecture, University of Wisconsin, 1992

Bachelor of Architecture, Auburn University, 1999

Eric joined TURNERBATSON in 1996 and is now a partner with the firm. He is a registered Architect with over 20 years of progressive experience in all phases of design and contract administration. He has diverse project type experience including education, church, retail, banking, and healthcare facilities. Eric’s expertise covers all phases of project development from program development through design and contract documents to bidding and contract administration.

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Rick Batson



Bachelor of Architecture, University of Tennessee, 1976

Rick worked in the education, religious, and healthcare fields for 40 years at TURNERBATSON until his official retirement in 2017. He developed excellent methods of listening to clients' needs and solving their concerns with accurate, uplifting, and long lasting designs. These qualities have become a core part of the firm’s culture. Building solid relationships while designing buildings that meet clients' needs — that’s TURNERBATSON.

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Jamie Collins

Senior Associate


Bachelor of Science, Architecture, Catholic University of America, 1985

Bachelor of Architecture, Catholic University of America, 1987

Jamie joined TURNERBATSON in 1997. He takes pride in delivering buildings that age gracefully and serve his clients’ needs.

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Gary Walton

Senior Associate


Bachelor of Science, Environmental Design, Auburn University, 1977

Bachelor of Architecture, Auburn University, 1978

Gary Walton joined TURNERBATSON in 1997. He is most rewarded by building relationships that allow him to see each client’s dreams and visions become reality.

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Hal Bishop



Bachelor of Architecture, Auburn University, 1987

Hal joined TURNERBATSON in 2003. In collaboration with clients and consultants, Hal enjoys taking the beauty of a conceptual design and reaching the level of a practical building.

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Gary Larson

Project Architect, Coach


Architecture, Cal Poly University, 1970

After moving from his hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Gary Larson joined TURNERBATSON in 2013. The “Aha” moment when a client’s needs are paired with good communication and unique concepts is the highlight of Gary’s career.

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Bob Shoulders

Director of Construction Administration

Bachelor of Science in Building Science, Auburn University, 1982

Bob has over 40 years of construction experience. He enjoys working with a team and seeing smiles appear as the project reaches a successful completion.

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Michael Mann

Senior Project Architect


Bachelor of Architecture, Mississippi State University, 2003

Michael joined TURNERBATSON in 2015. His expertise includes 3D visualization and BIM, and he places particular emphasis on providing a quality finished product that best meets the client's vision and goals.

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Michael Goswick

Senior Project Architect


Bachelor of Architecture, Mississippi State University, 2006

Michael joined TURNERBATSON in 2006. Michael works hard to see that his clients’ ideas become physical spaces for living, working, and playing.

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Wil Bradford

Project Architect


Bachelor of Architecture, Mississippi State University, 2011

Wil is a 2011 Graduate of Mississippi State University. He appreciates the broad scope of Design and firsthand experience he has received during his time with TURNERBATSON.

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Anne-Marie Gianoudis

Director of Interior Design


Bachelor of Psychology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1993

Bachelor of Interior Design, Samford University, 2003

Anne-Marie joined TURNERBATSON in 2015. Using her technical expertise and extensive design experience, she engages with her clients to understand their project goals for modern, welcoming interior spaces.

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Mary-Claire Bennett

Interior Design Team

Bachelor of Human Environmental Design, Interior Design, University of Alabama, 2016

Mary-Claire joined TURNERBATSON in 2016. She enjoys the branding side of a project as well as planning spaces and selecting vibrant finishes for each client.

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Lillian Gray

Interior Design Team

Bachelor of Human Environmental Sciences in Interior Design, The University of Alabama, 2018

Lillian (Lil) loves tapping her creative and technical skills to design dynamic interiors. Her contagious positive attitude and strong work ethic are assets to any project or team.


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Samantha Parr

Intern Architect

Bachelor of Architecture, Auburn University, 2016

Samantha joined TURNERBATSON in 2016. She enjoys working with the everyday details of a project, and she believes that the most important aspect of design is making people's lives better.



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Beth MacLeod

Director of Accounting

Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Alabama, 1984

Beth joined TURNERBATSON in 2000. She is a valuable asset in keeping TURNERBATSON under budget, structured, and in precise, financial order.

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Melissa Stewart

Marketing Coordinator

Bachelor of Arts Communication, University of Alabama, 2013

Melissa joined TURNERBATSON in 2017. She enjoys sharing TURNERBATSON’s story and designs through creative and innovative communication methods.

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Steven Sanchez

Director of BIM

Associate of Applied Science in CADD, ITT Technical Institute, 2005

As a BIM Manager and Senior CADD Specialist, Steven joined TURNERBATSON in 2005. For Steven, it’s all about the details. Drawing plans, sections, elevations and other components to illustrate the parameters of each project is the most rewarding aspect of his career.

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Ellis Taylor

Director of 3-D Visualization

Associate Degree in Computer Aided Drafting, ITT Tech, 2000 Associates Degree in Computer Animation and Visualization, Virginia College, 2003

Ellis joined TURNERBATSON in 2003. His passion for creating detail-driven 3-D models and visual animations allows each client to have confidence throughout the design process.

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Holly Gallagher

Senior BIM Specialist

BA of Applied Arts in Interior Design and an Associate of Applied Science in CADD in 2001, Virginia College

Holly joined TURNERBATSON in 2002. As a Senior BIM Specialist, Holly has diverse project experience and believes the relationships she has developed are the most rewarding part of her career.

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Ken Lavender

Senior BIM Specialist

Associate of Applied Science in CADD, ITT Technical Institute, 2006

As a BIM Specialist, Ken joined TURNERBATSON in 2006. Ken believes in continually getting better and enjoys discovering new and innovating products that allow him to better serve his clients.

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Augustine Martinez

BIM Specialist

Associate Degree in Drafting and Design Technology, ITT Technical Institute, 2014

Augie continually challenges himself to learn new and innovative design ideas. He strives to provide exceptional customer service through designing thorough and timely construction documents.

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Beth Wilson

Admin Team

Beth joined TURNERBATSON in 1998. She values client relationships and making everyone who walks in feel welcome.

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