Celebrating Senior Associate Gary Walton’s Retirement

Melissa Anderson

Marketing Coordinator

November 23, 2021

After 22 years of service at our firm, TURNERBATSON Senior Associate Gary Walton is celebrating his retirement. Gary has been a vital member of the team and will be greatly missed.

“Gary is an amazing man and has been such a valuable part of the TURNERBATSON family. We are all excited for him as he will be able to focus on being a full-time husband, handyman, farmer, and granddad, but we will certainly miss him,” said TURNERBATSON President Dave Reese.

Gary’s time at TURNERBATSON began as a part-time moonlighting position is the early 1980’s. He joined TURNERBATSON as a full-time team member in 1999 after 21 years as a 3D visualization specialist at Rust Corporation. He was named an Associate in 2003 and Senior Associate is 2008. Since then, he has been involved in hundreds of projects and developed countless relationships with people in the industry.

He led his project team with a passion and caring spirit that is contagious. Gary’s love of drawings and delight for people have led him to be a talented architect with great wisdom and humility. Known around the office for his infectious sense of humor, love for Dr. Pepper, and sweet addiction to Reese’s Cups, Gary Walton’s fun-loving spirit always inspired. In honor of his retirement, our team offered words that described the influence he’s had on our team over the years:


“Fun-Loving; Talented; Trustworthy; Easy Going; Loving Husband; Humble; Genuine; Selfless; Sincere; Hilarious; Christ-Filled; Story Teller; Proud Papa; Friend; Multi-Talented; Enthusiastic; Soulful; Kind Hearted; Generous; Musical; Patient; Irreplaceable”


CONGRATULATIONS, Gary!  We will miss you.