Report Card: “What’s the toughest part of COVID at school?”

Dave Reese

Principal Architect, President

October 19, 2020

Our Report Card for the first nine weeks of a COVID-influenced learning environment is in! We surveyed teachers, students & parents to get their feedback about some of the toughest parts of working with new protocols.


“What’s the toughest part of COVID at school?”


 “Staying in one seat all day and not moving.” – 5th grader


Not seeing any smiles all day long.” – 3rd grader


“The lack of interaction. Not being able to give hugs at work and not being able to teach in small groups and individually.” – Teacher


“Kid’s grades are suffering because learning styles are different than anything they’ve previously been exposed to. This adds pressure during an already anxious semester.” – Administrator


I miss laughter in my classroom.” – Teacher


Wearing masks during PE.” – 6th grader


Effectively learning the school material since we have to do it on the computer. It’s more of a challenge to talk to teachers face-to-face since we’re only in class twice a week.” – 11th grader


“These precautions are putting added pressure on students, parents and teachers.” – Parent


Not seeing my teacher’s face behind her mask.” – 1st grader


“We can’t get very close to our friends.” – 4th grader


“Sometimes it is hard to focus when I am supposed to be working at home.” – 8th grader


“It is difficult for teachers and students to ‘get in the flow’ with virtual and in-person learning.” – Administrator


“My kids are emotionally exhausted when they get home from school because of the rules … And that makes me exhausted.” – Parent


My three kids are in elementary school. My wife and I are thrilled that they are back in the classrooms.

My vantage point as a dad, an architect who loves to design thriving schools, and a friend to teachers, administrators and fellow parents allows me a unique perspective during these extraordinary times. I’ve toured a few schools during the past few weeks and the spirit is certainly dampened. But everyone is doing their very best. Our challenge is to figure out how to affect our designs to help alleviate these concerns in some way.

For the administrators and teachers whose goal-line shifts every day and who come to school each day with their own worries: A+

For the kids and parents who are giving it their all A++. We’ll get through this together.