Introducing Bryant Park Elementary School

Wil Bradford

Project Architect, Associate

October 19, 2020

Bryant Park Elementary School unveiled its all-new 86,000 square foot building just in time for the start of the 2020 school year. Students grades K-5 in eastern Jefferson County, Alabama, were welcomed by modern designs incorporating vibrant colors, natural lighting, and graphical patterns. Each design element plays a role in helping the students and faculty to understand and identify each space and also reinforcing security, sight lines, and circulation.

Site Design/Security  

In an elementary school, we think that it is important to be able to break down functional components of the design so that the facility can be easily interpreted and quickly understood. TURNERBATSON used a strong organizing plan and color to influence visual and physical movement from the outside-in. Controlled points of entry, strong sight lines, and a secure play area are located in between the classroom wings. The building position on the new site allows for parking, queuing space, and efficient traffic flow for buses and parents.


Bryant Park Elementary School TURNERBATSON Architecture 12



Each of the learning spaces were designed with a sense of playfulness creating a comfortable environment for students. Corridors were color coded by grade. Our team didn’t shy away from bright colors and bold typography when designing the building. The colors green, blue, and purple were strategically implemented throughout both the interior and exterior of the building to create clear circulation patterns helping both children and adults identify each space.


Bryant Park Elementary School TURNERBATSON Architecture 3

Bryant Park Elementary School TURNERBATSON Architecture 11


Circulation/Building Orientation

Bryant Park’s floor plan features open sight lines to all areas of the building from the “Main Street.” The oversized corridors allow for separate circulation paths when moving from each of the three classroom wings to the common areas of the buildings. Additionally, the classroom wings can become easily self-contained to control access to these areas if necessary.


Bryant Park Elementary School TURNERBATSON Architecture 5


Natural Lighting

The building is designed so that all interior spaces have access to some form of natural lighting bringing a vitality to the building that can be easily enjoyed within each learning environment. The quality and quantity of natural light that students and staff will be exposed to is an advantage for all. Concentration, energy and focus should all be enhanced.


Bryant Park Elementary School TURNERBATSON Architecture 1

Bryant Park Elementary School TURNERBATSON Architecture 4