NeoCon 2019 – What’s Next is What’s Here

Melissa Anderson

Marketing Consultant

June 21, 2019

Our interior design team headed to Chicago’s Merchandise Mart to participate in NeoCon 2019 — the largest commercial interior design trade show in the world. Every year, Chicago hosts 500 leading companies and 50,000 design professionals for three days of showrooms, product lines, and networking opportunities. TURNERBATSON designers Mary-Claire Bennett and Lillian Gray share how this year’s top trends are defining work cultures:


NeoCon 2019 TURNERBATSON Architects 14


Natural Color Palettes with Bold Pops

The use of color was unique in each showroom this year. Earth tone colors have evolved from neutrals paired with saturated hues in most designs. Shades of blue and rose were the most popular accent colors featured in patterned and textured fabrics. Laminates and woods followed suit with the use of more natural looks including plywood.


NeoCon 2019 TURNERBATSON Architects 2

NeoCon 2019 TURNERBATSON Architects 4

NeoCon 2019 TURNERBATSON Architects 5


Adaptable Workspace

Employee workspaces are a dynamic frontier in the industry. The open office and “resimerical” trend remained strong. The overall theme centered on creating a space that feels comfortable and inclusive to every team member by providing flexible, multi-use work stations. Examples included dining room inspired conference room tables and lounge seating that configures to any shape for informal meetings.


NeoCon 2019 TURNERBATSON Architects 4

NeoCon 2019 TURNERBATSON Architects 11


Making a Sustainable Difference

Many showrooms highlighted environmentally conscious manufacturing through furniture, fabric, flooring, and wallcovering. The common ground aimed to improve wellness and enhance creativity by bringing the outdoors in. “Biophilic” design played a role in connecting human spaces with natural elements through the use of potted plants, green walls, and organic carpet patterns.


NeoCon 2019 TURNERBATSON Architects 15


Material Bank

Designers typically order many samples and usually need them as soon as possible. This leads to high shipping costs and potential for waste. Material Bank debuted its first store during NeoCon as a solution. Its mission is to create a way for designers and architects to search materials online and receive samples the next day. Not only is the delivery fast, but it’s “sustainability – focused.” The requested samples are packaged into one box and upon return restocked and reused for the next request. Items that do no pass quality control are then donated to students or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


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