Project Spotlight: OrthoAlabama Spine & Sports in Hoover

Jamie Collins

Project Architect, Senior Associate

March 8, 2021

A clinic designed for a memorable patient-centered experience was the vision for the new OrthoAlabama Spine & Sports clinic in Hoover, AL. There’s no greater confirmation of good work than to be asked to do additional work for the same client. That’s what happened when returning clients at OrthoAlabama Spine & Sports envisioned a new design approach for the 17,250 SF facility, which opened its doors in 2020. OrthoAlabama had previously partnered with TURNERBATSON in 2015 on a 32,800 SF medical facility in Trussville, AL. The vision for the Hoover Clinic incorporated unique, welcoming, light-filled spaces and materials to create a building that paralleled the thriving practice and its brand.



Dr. Perry Savage founded OrthoAlabama (originally Alabama Orthopedics and Spine Center) in 1987. For years, the practice was located in the St. Vincent’s East Hospital. A group of diverse and talented doctors joined over the years, including Dr. Savage’s son, Lauren. Dr. Lauren Savage and his partners expressed the desire for the Trussville clinic to strategically position the practice apart from the hospital and enhance the practice’s brand identity. The opening of the Trussville clinic paved the way for exponential growth in their practice. The Hoover facility was designed to complement the exterior “brand” of the practice as well as create a quality interior environment that is both compelling and practical.


OrthoAlabama Spine and Sports Medicine Hoover Alabama - featured



Though the Hoover building program differed somewhat from the Trussville clinic, the OrthoAlabama ownership team knew what they wanted in the second building.

Components from the first building including the floor plan had been through a rigorous design process and were to be infused into the new building. The plans were adjusted to the very inch through development of full-size mockups during the design and construction of the Trussville clinic. These elements were not to change.


OrthoAlabama Spine and Sports Medicine Hoover Alabama - waiting room


Traditional exterior materials of brick, stone, glass, and slate were to be used again on the new building as they were a large part of the brand’s physical aesthetic elsewhere. The site location of the Hoover office was extremely unique — a compilation of three irregular-shaped parcels surrounded by a highway and a cemetery. Maximizing the property for building and parking square footage was paramount.


OrthoAlabama Spine and Sports Medicine Hoover Alabama - exterior new



The interiors of both clinics were designed to give the appearance of a rejuvenated loft in a reclaimed warehouse district. The main spaces appear as if it they are renovated versions of older solid masonry structures. The exterior brick wraps the interior walls of the main space in both clinics.

The TURNERBATSON interior design team elevated the basic design components of the first building and created refined spaces through bright and durable finishes. The vision for the new clinic in Hoover was ultimately realized through a cohesive aesthetic carried from building and interiors to branding components, furniture, art, and accessories.


OrthoAlabama Spine and Sports Medicine Hoover Alabama - waiting room 2



Other symbolic design elements for a successful patient experience include a light filled stair tower leading patients to the physical therapy suite located on the second floor. This grand stair composed of steel, glass, and wood is embraced by two large picture windows. A custom digital wall graphic depicts athletes in motion at the top of the stairs inspiring patients as they work through their therapy.


OrthoAlabama Spine and Sports Medicine Hoover Alabama - stair


OrthoAlabama Spine and Sports Medicine Hoover Alabama - physical therapy 2



It is evident the doctors at OrthoAlabama Spine & Sports are committed to providing excellent service. They realized during the process that good architecture can also help cultivate a great patient and staff experience.

TURNERBATSON was fortunate to help cultivate a similar level of excellent service from all members of the design & engineering teams as well as the construction team from JohnsonKreis Construction.

We are proud to be a part of this team and thrilled that the buildings can be positive tools for this thriving practice.