Adamsville Elementary School Media Center

As media sources and technology have evolved, school media center spaces are being rethought to specifically respond to today’s needs. Books are used less, most research is conducted online, and students and teachers are using their media centers in progressive new ways. TURNERBATSON has redesigned three media centers for Jefferson County Schools to provide relevant, energized spaces for the new learning alternatives. Adamsville Elementary School is our latest design concept.

At Adamsville, TURNERBATSON was challenged to create a state-of-the-art media center that brought new life to an existing space within the school. Inspired by the mantra of “think, show, and tell,” the newly updated media center features ample natural light, cozy reading and group spaces, and a dedicated computer area for instruction. Young students still love to touch and feel books, but this combination resolves the varied needs of the learning environment within this multi-use space.

To help administrators and the school board envision the re-imagined media center, our team produced interactive 3D models. Finish samples utilizing school and theme branding were provided for full immersion prior to build. The culmination of the project allows for a transition from a progressively obsolete room into an invigorating, inviting destination that should propel the school to “think, show, and tell” into the foreseeable future.

The redesigned media center welcomed students as they returned in the fall of 2020.


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