Avanti Polar Lipids

Since its beginnings in a 900 SF rented laboratory space, Avanti has established a 25 acre manufacturing campus comprised of 11 buildings, which house manufacturing, formulation, analytical, and administrative units. Operations were moved to the current site in Alabaster, Alabama, in 1990. Avanti has continued to expand its capabilities and attract talented personnel to develop new and innovative products. With more than 120 employees diligently working to provide high quality revolutionary lipid products, the company has successfully grown its product offerings to well over 2000 unique lipids, antibodies, and lipid research tools while maintaining the founding vision established by Dr. Shaw in 1967. Quite an accomplishment considering Avanti started with a catalog containing only a handful of lipids isolated from plant and animal sources.

TURNERBATSON partnered with Prier Construction in 2006 to design and build Avanti’s first major new building — the Analytical Laboratory. This building was constructed to house the quality control component of the company’s process. Along with this building, a new guardhouse, storage building, and employee pavilion was constructed. Since then, TURNERBATSON has designed a new GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) building, administration building, parking improvements, and multiple renovations to facilitate Avanti’s rapid growth. In 2019, Avanti was acquired by Croda International. Building expansion was accelerated to address the needs of the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers. Under “Operation Warp Speed,” new construction has included an expansion of the GMP building, a new chemical warehouse, renovation and upgrade of the analytical laboratory, along with a new entrance, security building, and parking.

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