Dalton First Baptist Church

Located in the “Carpet Capital of the World,” this downtown church has been located at this site since 1959 and had not undergone a major expansion since 1977.

Over the years, the church’s facilities had not kept pace with its growing ministries. Narrow hallways and a lack of gathering space did not promote the warm, inviting spirit that they wanted the community to feel. The administrative area was scattered throughout the campus, and the growing youth program needed its own unique space. There was no clearly defined entry point for visitors, and the children’s space needed to be consolidated with added security. The resulting five-phase plan provided the church with a totally new appearance.

A two-story atrium entrance, complete property circulation, and expanded drop-off areas now create a more inviting campus for visitors. The 900-seat sanctuary and 200-seat chapel were fully renovated. The children now enjoy a secure department that includes a worship area and an indoor play space. A cafe/library in the center of the campus and a cozy courtyard area help provide the warm and welcoming feel that the church desired.


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