Johnson Elementary School Media Center

As Johnson Elementary School’s faculty look toward its future, school leaders envisioned an updated brand that could be easily implemented school wide. TURNERBATSON was hired to develop ideas for a new media center that would showcase a new aesthetic. The center will serve as a catalyst for future renovations throughout the Jefferson County Schools’ campus.

The new media center offers diverse learning spaces and dynamic patterns and colors. While the Media Center is self-contained, it still has a multifunctional layout that provides students and teachers collaborative and individual learning settings. The furniture selection allowed for flexibility and participation. “The Cave” provides a quiet space for traditional reading, versatile tables allow for mentoring and group activities, and the multifunctional stage encourages group-led classes.

Students, staff, and administration have offered rave reviews for the space. “It’s a space that makes you smile,” said lead designer Mary-Claire Bennett. “It is so rewarding to design spaces that cultivate creativity and reinforce school objectives.”

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