Mountain Brook Junior High School

The Mountain Brook Board of Education approved a system-wide capital project to provide a broad range of facility and infrastructure improvements to each of their six schools.

TURNERBATSON was selected to design the additions and renovations to the Junior High School. The project was completed in the fall of 2023. The design required demolishing the oldest (one-story) portion of the school and replacing it with a three-story 43,000 sq.ft. building transforming the facility to better reflect and enhance the quality of Mountain Brook Junior High’s education.

The new building includes a new secure entrance, a large two-story student commons, 18 new classrooms, PE lockers for all students, “Main Street” with offices for counselors, nurse, security, and tech support desk, administrative area and front desk, three-story open stair and elevator, and a tornado-safe “hardened” space.

The exterior design of the building reflects the history of Mountain Brook and responds to the scale of the beautiful homes in the area. The existing front curved feature was replaced with a turret and a gabled roof was added to the library and Overbrook street elevation. All classrooms have abundant natural light. The interior design features historical detailing blended with a very modern, relevant aesthetic.

Other improvements throughout the campus include an expansion of the cafeteria, conversion of the stage theater to multi-purpose space, circulation improvements in the athletics area, dedicated athletics locker rooms, improved and consolidated faculty areas, and updates and improvements to the media center.

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