TURNERBATSON Office Renovations

TURNERBATSON moved to its current location in Liberty Park in 2007. The setting is beautiful — a glass-filled building surrounded by trees. But after fifteen years in the same space (and rebounding from the influences of COVID), we planned for a wholesale renovation in order to better reflect the culture of our team, to improve the quality of our work space, and to celebrate the innovative design we provide for our clients.

The vision for the renovation was to fill the space with natural light and create spaces that cultivate collaboration, transparency, and privacy. Through intentional use of textures and a neutral palette, the new design celebrates a renewed mindset and attitude. What was once a space that had grown tired now feels fresh, modern, and refreshing.

The office allows for several collaborative areas and meeting spaces. The open-office floor plan has completely revitalized the building. Private/open meeting rooms surrounded by glass create full transparency and privacy. They have the capability for video conferences in two smaller “Zoom Rooms” as well as larger conference rooms allowing varying meeting sizes. Modular furniture is placed throughout the design studio to accommodate both standing or sitting meetings.

Intentional details celebrate the TURNERBATSON difference with new work spaces. A centralized break area and kitchen with a huge island, expanded interior design studio, glass-filled offices, modern color palettes, and client-curated photography help to unify the space. Improved technology, graphic wall art celebrating our company’s culture, and branded materials including our logo welcome guests into the new space.

The renovations have led to a renewed energy within the studio. The new office creates more internal collaboration, more ergonomic work styles, and a space we are all proud to call home.

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