United Community Bank | Meadowbrook

TURNERBATSON was hired to design a complete interior and exterior refresh of a branch bank located on a highly traveled and highly visible property in a Birmingham suburb. During the process of the design and construction, our client Progress Bank merged with United Community Bank in order to expand the service area for this customer-focused financial institution. The design for this facility has become the brand standard for the regional bank.

The new interior transformed the dated office into a refreshed, light-filled, conversational space celebrating the two brands uniting. Guests are welcomed by white and grey tones mixed with accents of blue to establish the new brand and bring life to the space. The brand and logo are emphasized behind the concierge desk and the teller counter. Improved lighting, acoustics, and engineering systems were integral to the project success.

Client service is at the forefront of the bank’s core values. The new interior features amenities such as private and open office spaces, a conference room with zoom capabilities for corporate, client, or staff meetings, and a hospitality area for clients to relax, hold casual meetings, watch tv, and enjoy refreshments.

The building’s exterior reflects a modern, welcoming clean façade and a highly visible presence on the well-traveled highway.


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