University of Alabama Frank Moody Music Building

Since its opening in 1987, the Moody Music Building has become one of UA’s most important cultural facilities. With more than 350 music majors and 35 full-time faculty members, the school needed more space for an indoor band practice facility and administrative offices to house UA’s Million Dollar Marching Band. UA hired TURNERBATSON to provide architectural services for a 25,000 GSF expansion and renovation to its existing building.

The building was designed to achieve a terrific acoustical and social environment for the world-renowned band. The state-of-the-art practice rooms feature numerous sound upgrades including adjustable acoustical treatments, acoustically reflective clouds supported from the roof structure, instrument storage with acoustically transparent front and absorptive interiors, sound chambers that reduce the amount of reverberation within the space, and mass-based sound-deadening materials at the roof/ceiling level.

The director and administrative staff for the band were relocated to the new addition allowing for improved coordination and oversight. New restrooms and locker rooms, including uniform storage, were added adjacent to the practice rooms to allow for more efficient access by the musicians. Students can also enjoy a large gathering area for meetings, socializing, or grabbing a snack in between practice and classes.

The exterior of the addition was designed to fit within the context of the surrounding campus architectural style and set the tone for future renovations. The second phase of work included renovating the exterior of the matching wing across the central courtyard.

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