Service Excellence in Construction Administration

Michael Goswick

Project Architect, Associate

April 26, 2021

As design professionals, we are dedicated to developing a design and drawing a detailed set of construction documents that achieve our client’s vision. Those drawings are an essential way to communicate to both the Owner and the Contractor what the final product will be. However, it is not the only way we communicate that vision. At TURNERBATSON, we are extremely dedicated to the Construction Administration (CA) process. I believe this attention to detail and focus on service excellence is key to our 97-year history.

Through this CA process there is a collaborative and team-driven approach between the Owner, Architect, and Contractor. We have built our reputation on trying to foster an environment anchored in communication and trust. This rapport ensures that the needs of the Owner are met and provides the Contractor with an additional perspective on the design intent, code interpretation, and history of the project. Our CA process provides detailed guidance to ensure each project is administered in a professional manner and is performed with quality. One of our main goals is to create a team spirit during construction. We do this by working in unison with all team members so that each party will want to work together again.



Onsite visits are essential to observe progress and ensure the design intent and field installation are achieved. Site visits occur throughout the construction process at least every other week (often more) as the project requires for project meetings and reviewing work in place. During these visits we try to strike a balance between an exceptional quality level and the need to give the Contractor latitude to dictate the means and methods of construction.



Work progress is clearly communicated and documented throughout the building process. This step is essential and ensures all parties are up to date on the construction status and identifies additional items to be addressed, all in a timely manner.



The pulse of the project can be maintained and shared using technology. Software products such as PlanGrid and Procore allow us to work interactively with the Contractor even when not on site. This allows us to receive and distribute documents, images, and drawings in an efficient manner.



Walking the site with the Contractor during site visits to discuss progress and examine in-place items plays a vital role in eliminating possible confusion. Face-to-face communication is always the best way to clear up uncertainty.



One of the most satisfying parts of our Construction Administration process is time spent walking through the project with our clients. Our 3-D computer modeling is compelling and descriptive, but it is never quite as good as walking through the space during the phases of construction.



Consistent and timely communication plays a role even in the practice of processing paperwork (submittals, revisions, RFIs, pay applications, etc.). That communication includes clearly identifying items that may take more time to finalize. This process is critical to ensure construction can progress as scheduled and so that the materials and methods meet the requirements of the Owner and the documents.



No matter the type or size of project, our dedication to CA is evident in the delivery of quality communication and design. A successful project, to us, is one in which the Owner’s vision is achieved, the Contractor completes construction on time, and we remain a team throughout that process. Success in design and construction is when all parties want to work together again on the next project. We look forward to our next opportunity!