Trussville Academy of Gymnastics & Cheer Celebrates Grand Opening

Melissa Anderson

Marketing Director

June 14, 2023

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the Trussville Academy of Gymnastics and Cheer celebrating its Grand Opening on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. City leaders as well as the Trussville Chamber of Commerce joined coaches, students, and guests to celebrate the opening of the brand new facility. TURNERBATSON was honored to provide architecture and interior design services for this unique project.

The Trussville Tribune provided more information about the facility and what it means for the Trussville Community in its prior article “Groundbreaking ceremony held for Trussville Academy of Gymnastics and Cheer” by Hannah Curran, Trussville Tribune Editor.



Mayor Buddy Choat said that this design could hold up to 1,000 people during the course of the day with potential events going on.“The gymnastic and cheer programs create the largest program we have in the city on a year-round basis,” Choat said. “As many associations and leagues that we have, this one, by far tops them as far as the number of participants on a year-round basis.”

Choat explained that in 2019, the city decided to take its gymnastics program to the next level.

“To say that we are at the next level now would probably not be accurate, but are a lot further than we were,” Choat said. “Back in August 2019, we had 83 participants in our gymnastic program. A year later, in August 2020, we had 276, including a little over 100 that had already signed up in cheer. Fast forward to August 2021, that number grew to 408, that included gymnastics and cheer again.”

According to Choat, as of May 2022, the program had 504 participants; there are over 50 more participants on a waiting list to enter the beginner side of the gymnastics program.



“It’s continuing to grow thanks to the leadership of Lauren Stanton, Trussville Academy of Gymnastics director, and Todd Bragan, Trussville Acadamey of Cheer director, and all of them that are putting this thing together; the parents that are supporting this,” Choat said. “We felt like this was something that warranted this type of facility. Our job is to try to find a way to provide facilities and opportunities for all our kids and parents.”

Choat said that the project coincides with the 2040 Plan. “The committee put this vision together. One of the things they identified is to provide a venue that will allow competitive sporting events or facilities for our citizens to encourage visitors to come to Trussville, to create an economic impact, and to support our local merchants,” Choat said.



Stanton explained that all of this would not have been possible without the kids in the program, and their hard work and dedication are the driving force for everything. Trussville Academy of Gymnastics has six optional level gymnasts who are level six and up. They also have two level nine gymnasts, which is the second-highest level beyond elite. With the gymnastics academy, they have a foam pit to train and perfect their skills.

Bragan said that he, along with all the cheerleading participants, is blessed to be able to grow their facility and potentially their program.

“To have the backing of the city and this program means so much to me, and it’s going to mean so much to this community,” Bragan said. “We have a very large cheerleading community in Trussville, and to have the backing of the city with this program, just means a lot; it’s going to mean a lot to the kids.”

The building exterior is designed to flow with the original design of the civic center. It also incorporates the stone inspired by the gazebo into the building. In addition, the interior of the building is inspired by other gymnastics programs, such as the University of Alabama gymnastics facility and the University of Florida gymnastics facility.



The new facility provides a balcony that can be used for events and for parents or staff to use to enjoy their time while the gymnasts are training.

Copy Credit: Hannah Curran, Trussville Tribune Editor.

Photography by Trussville Chamber of Commerce