TURNERBATSON Welcomes Seven New Members to our Team

Melissa Anderson

Marketing Director

June 12, 2024

TURNERBATSON is thrilled to welcome seven new members to our team this summer!

Scott Misso, a recent graduate of Auburn University, and Spence Colmer of Mississippi State University have joined our team as full-time intern architects. Both Misso and Colmer will gain exposure to all aspects of the architectural field to help prepare them for the ARE licensing exams. They will have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned project architects and interior designers, clients, contractors, and related entities to experience the build process from design to construction.

Summer interns include Sydney Almond, Kinley Cook, and Catherine Taylor of Auburn University, Gabe Tamblin of Penn State University, and Faith Troutt of Mississippi State University.  Cook and Taylor will join our Interior Design team. Almond, Tamblin, and Troutt will work alongside our team of architects.

TURNERBATSON’s goal is to provide these talented individuals with a customized experience exposing them to the many aspects of our business. Each has a mentor and a supervisor who provide intentional guidance including site visits, BIM drawing tutorials, client meetings, and LEAD Team huddles each Friday.

Several are new to Birmingham and are already becoming acquainted with their new city and each other through pickleball, Barons baseball, ping pong at the office, and Gen Next vision lunches.