We’re Branding Our Future!

Dave Reese

Principal Architect, President

November 26, 2018

We are thrilled to unveil our fresh new brand! We have sincerely enjoyed the design process, which helped us refine and define our corporate culture. We are excited about what this new look represents for TURNERBATSON.

We want to thank Paul Crawford, Peyton VanderWoude, and the talented staff at Scout Branding Company for working with our team to develop a new logo, social media mark, and stationery suite. We are not used to being the “client” — we are usually doing the designing — so it gave us a new perspective from the other side of the table!

As a part of their research into our culture, Scout interviewed team members who described our firm with similar adjectives. The words authentic, exceptional, team-oriented, service-focused, rooted in family and faith convey who we are and what we want to share with our clients and our consultants.

This interview process yielded this new design with its clean, modern typeface, “happy-red” color, and a memorable square logo mark with abstracted TB letters that will be used in all of our social media platforms.  We think the design addresses our forward-facing optimism and our anticipation of an amazing future.

turnerbatson architecture new brand

We’re purposeful in our uniqueness, so we pushed the envelope a bit with some of the details in our branding design — our business cards and note cards will have a subtle notch cut at the mark — an understated reminder of the TURNERBATSON difference.

Stay tuned — more branding ideas are still to come. The future is bright!

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